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Getintocloud.com is the venture of Operisoft Solutions LLP, an Ahmedabad based Software consulting firm with offices in Mumbai & Rajkot. We are leading AWS cloud consultants and deployment experts. We help our customers to get into cloud technologies. Our customers are ranging from different verticals like Manufacturing, Healthcare and Pharma, Education Industry, Government and Nonprofit organizations, Media and Entertainment etc.

Today, Cloud Computing has been adopted by range of organizations be it large enterprises or SMBs. AWS has revolutionized the way companies think about cloud. It brought a change by removing the roadblocks to entry for enterprises who want to take their applications online, in an easy and cost-effective way. The cost advantages offered by AWS, enterprises of all sizes are utilizing its benefits for their infrastructure needs. In fact after creating these giant waves around cloud computing, AWS gave such a flexibility of usages and pricing choice, thereby some of the large organizations have also chose to shut down their data centers and migrated to cloud.

We have AWS Certified engineers who can help your organizations work on cloud. We provide managed services for cloud and are experts in AWS Cloud specially in automation, deployment, provisioning, load balancing, autoscaling and monitoring your application ensuring it get pushed into the cloud seamlessly without any issues.


Cloud Assessment Service

We provide Cloud Assessment Service where clients evaluates cloud as part of their IT service delivery strategy.We help you to decide which enterprise application can be moved to cloud, with how much efforts needed, which operating models, techonologies and skillsets required. How much would be the cost implication and ROI throughtout. We use cloud assessment tools to assess performance and capabilities of the various cloud services thereby bringing efficiency & accelerating your cloud adoption journey.

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In First phase, we provide consulting to our clients on buying new AWS products and services needed for his organization. AWS spend analysis and cost implications and also suggest the alternatives to reduce the cost. In second phase we migrate the existing applications to AWS cloud with proper planning. This includes Functional and technical assessment, backup of existing databases or any other application related backups needed and migrate the application to the AWS services. In case client needs to develop a new application altogether, we help in developing the new enterprise application as well which can be a robust web application and mobile application.

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We provide manged AWS services wherein we take care of end to end Application management on AWS environment. Starting from deployment and configuration to the performance monitoring, checking the events related activities, backup & disaster recovery etc. We also provide the on-site/off-site AWS administrator as per the client's demand and needs.

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Learn from Certified AWS Trainer. Our training programs concentrate on the fundamental skills and concepts that ensure success with Amazon Web Services. The programs are structured to meet the demands of a wide range of competency levels – from students and IT managers to Software Architects and Engineers. We also undertake on-site and on-campus training programs, tailoring it to meet specific skill-sets needed for the industry.

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Our cost management services help optimize your cloud spending. We have experts who can provide you the visibility into what’s lying unused, where you are overspending and how you can better streamline your existing and expected cloud expenditure. Our services include monitoring the usage of resources and spend analytics, spend and usage forecasting, tagging the services, running the audit trails, capacity planning and resource optimization.

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One of the benefits of cloud services is that you can operate at scale and still remain secure. It is no way different than how you currently manage security, but now you have new ways of delivering security solutions that address new areas of concern. Cloud security does not change the way you manage security from preventing to detective and corrective actions, but it does however give you the ability to perform these activities in a more agile manner using inbuilt security tools of AWS or using variety of third-party security applications. Talk to our security experts for more details.

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Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) is perhaps one the most used services within AWS Technology. We are specialized to run your EC2 instances as per your demand and needs of your application. We can upscale/downscale using different inbuilt services.  EC2 provides you a complete control of your computing resources and gives flexibility to run as you wish in Amazon’s proven computing environment

Amazon Lambda services gives you flexibility to run your application/code without any provisioning of servers or managing them. You can run any kind of application without worrying about servers, thereby running with zero administration. We can help you configure these services for your applications.

Amazon Lightsail is an excellent service which is perfect for simpler workloads, quicker deployments, and getting started on AWS immediately. It is designed to help you start small and scale according to your growth. There are some fixed component attached to AWS Lightsail, for e.g. compute, storage, hosted zone and static ip as well. Get in touch to know more and start your Lightsail applications immediately.

Amazon S3 e.g. Simple Storage Service is the storage for the internet. You can store, retrieve any amount of data from anywhere in the world. These are highly advanced storages and connected via Network Interfaces and available whenever you need. We provide all services in and around S3.

AWS Storage Gateway services gives a flexibility of connecting your On premises data to AWS Cloud for storage. The kind of facilities like Tape gateway, File gateway and Volume gateway depending which one is suitable to you. Standard protocols like NFS, iSCSI, SMB are used.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is the service for deploying and scaling web applications. For e.g. applications developed with Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Go, and Docker on familiar servers such as Apache or IIS. You can get an environment where in simply upload your code and Elastic Beanstalk automatically handles the deployment.

AWS Cloudfront is the fast content delivery network (CDN) service that avails any data, videos, applications etc. at low latency. It is integrated with AWS services like S3, Amazon Route53, EC2, Elastic Load Balancing etc. There is no data transfer charges when using Amazon End points.




AWS Direct Connect is a cloud service solution that establishes a dedicated network connection from local premises to AWS. You actually establish a private connectivity between AWS and your own datacenter. This helps in reducing your network costs, increase bandwidth throughput.



Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) to setup a relational database in the cloud. It frees you from time consuming activites like hardware provisioning, database setup, backups thereby making you available to focus on your applications. Amazon RDS is available on several database instances and gives you a flexibility to choose from existing leading Databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora, Oracle etc.

Amazon S3 Glacier and S3 Glacier Deep Archive are low-cost Amazon S3 cloud storage classes for data archiving and long term backups. They are durable and available as per the SLA of Amazon. This is needed by the clients who wants to store the data in archived format and do not need them in immediate near future. Accessing this data i.e. retrieval time varies from class to class and depends upon which service you have used.

AWS API Gateway is basically a managed service that makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale.  You can easily create REST and WebSocket APIs that makes it possible to access data, business logic, or functionality from your backend services. It handles all the tasks involved in accepting and processing all the concurrent API calls

This service under Route53 enables you to created a zone to host your web applications. It provides a facility to create/modify records for your DNS. You can manage your DNS with this service.There are two types of hosted zones:

Public hosted zones contain records that specify how you want to route traffic on the internet. Private hosted zones contain records that specify how you want to route traffic in an Amazon VPC.

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